Slides: PWA make web great again - QCon2016
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PWA@QCon2016 - 黄玄@演说.pdf

Progressive Web Apps, Make Web Great Again

(Progressive Web App 复兴序章)

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  • The State Of Web
  • Rethinking Hybridzation
  • PWA 101
    • Definition
    • Add To HomeScreen
      • Web Manifest
    • Reliable Experience (Network as PE)
      • Service Worker
        • Register SW
        • On Install & Cache API
          • ExtendableEvent & SkipWaiting
        • On Fetch
        • Stale-While-Revalidate & Fallback
        • Updating SW
        • SW LifeCycle
        • On Activate
        • SW Brings Architectural Revolution
    • Re-engageable
  • PWA In Production
    • User Expectation & Guiding
    • Low Deliver Friction
  • PWA vs. Others
  • The Belief In Web
    • One Web
    • Fulfill WWDC 2007


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