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Multilingual Lexical Relations

Datasets consists of several languages: Korean, Hungarian, Hindi, Russian, and German.

Content in Dataset.

Type of Lexical Relations

The Princeton WordNet is organized by the relations between word meanings or word forms. Those relations are divided into two types, namely: lexical and semantic relations. The semantic relations are language independent, so that both in principle and practice the semantic relations are easily incorporated into the lexical resources, aligned with PWN. In contrast to the fact just mentioned, the lexical relations are not imported to new languages due to language diversity. Consequently, the lexical relations are being either manually or semi-automatically developed in other WordNets such as MultiWordNet \cite{pianta2002developing}.

The PWN has the three types of lexical relations as follows.

a. PERTAIN is a lexical relation between the relational adjective and a noun that the adjective is pertaining to (e.g. chemical is pertaining to chemistry). Sometimes, it also is about a lexical relation between the relational participle adjective and a verb that is derived from the adjective (e.g. chemically is derived from chemical).

b. ANTONYMY is a lexical relation between word forms, not a semantic relation between word meanings. For example the meanings {\textit{rise, ascend}} and {\textit{fall, descend}} are conceptual opposite, but they are not antonym; [\textit{rise, fall}] are antonyms and so are [\textit{ascend, descend}].

c. DERIVED is a lexical relation in the terms of that word forms in different syntactic categories that have the same root form and are semantically related (e.g. bassoon and bassoonist).


CC-BY-SA 3.0

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