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This "Hello-world" repo(sitory) is developing slowly with just my activities at GitHub. Now, it is progressing as I consider it a key personal portal for more of my internet activities, as well as my growing intranet.

Current (GIT noviceUser ) issues ...

  • Reviewing
  • Planning to merge github *.MDs via a PR after Branch & Merge
  • including RaspberryPi components as well as the usual mix of w-Intel, Android and iOS systems, in my Lan
  • starting to bookmark TwCommunityThreads that I find helpful ...
  • ... (but in Dynalist @ ...
  • ... and in DebateGraph where I use links back to DebateGraph maps for material that is not yet well structured.
  • I am considering how to use this environment as part of my MetaData & AugmentedIntelligence.KnowledgeHw base.
  • .. at least for the DefData aspects

About me ...

I use TiddlyWiki (for Content)... a LOT! I also use other Tools (that show what I do, how I do it and, hence, who I am).

Transitions during a 40+ year career ...

  • Programmer >
  • Technical Sales & Sales Management >
  • Consulting >
  • Banking technologist ( Senior Management ) >
  • Executive (IPO experience) >
  • Special Projects Change Agent >
  • Founder & CEO >
  • ... > Retirement
  • ... > ... Clearly just a weekend hacker now.

.. work is summarized best @ LinkedIn >
.. play is best summarized via

Learning activities ...

  • using Twitter to identify emotional Topics
  • using debateGraph to accumulate reliable Facts to support emerging Views @ ...
  • ...
  • Planning to extend, refine and document myWorkFlow(s).
  • ... hoping Scotiabank's use of GitHub will advance myBankingCode
  • consider the new Profile stickie.

longer-term interests consist of ...

Pattern recognition and Generalization since 1963.
Photography (add links)
Computer applications since 1967.
Arrays & APL (A Programming Language) since 1972.
Financial Services since 1979.
Hypertext since 1987 
  ASCII file ; Hufman Run Length Encoding ; ( PHP, C2, MeatBall, OddMuse, TiddlyWiki ):Wikis 
Telco and Postal data since 1992.
Real Estate since 1994.
Wiki software uses since 1995.
    Ajax (programming)
Electoral Systems since 1997.