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Monitoring fermentation with Brewfather®, BrewPiLess and iSpindel.


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Monitoring fermentation with Brewfather®, BrewPiLess and iSpindel or "No phone No worries!"

bpl screen IMG_1322ssm isp screen IMG_1320sm

Have you struggled to see the BPL SSD1306 OLED screen? Don’t have your phone handy? Forgot your glasses? Just want to see where your latest brew is up to?

The video Tutorial has step by step instructions and describes how to make a FermWatch with a D1 Mini and a 2.8" TFT ILI9341 to monitor your fermentation – in the shed, beside the bed, wherever your local network extends!

Link to video:

Important I am a brewer and author, I write books on recreating historic beers - NOT a PROGRAMMER - as will be obvious from inspection of the code.


The FermWatch project was very much inspired by ZeSlammy’s iSpindHub project where the iSpindel readout was displayed on a small tft screen. Initially, I just wanted a bigger screen for my BrewPiLess, but interfacing the ILI9341 proved to be too hard for me. Then I developed FermWatch as a standalone unit to show BrewPiLess data and iSpindel data from Brewfather plus some derived functions.


FermWatch works with ONE batch in Brewfather, with its status set to Fermenting If you attach your iSpindel to BrewPiless then forward to Brewfather, rather than forwarding to Brewfather direct you might get interesting results!

Software issues and change requests

Please do not expect any form of support. I am a brewer not a coder/programmer! It has taken me 4 months to reach this stage where I think that it is working and stable enough to release. It works with the hardware, as described.

Main Prerequisites

System Overview

FW Overview 2022-04-21_16-09-55sm

Key parts

  • iSp set to send data to BF
  • FermWatch acts as a MQTT Broker to BPL - and pushes data every 75 - 115 secs
  • Getting the current data from the BF API is a 2 step process the first request is a single shot to get the fermenting batch id, recipe name, measured OG and estimated FG
  • The second request uses the batch id to get the batch iSpindel last readings set for a 3 minute cycle, primarily to rotate the display given the BF update cycle is 15 minutes
  • the display screens then alternate between BPL and iSp
  • Displays derived % ABV using the UK Tax Office adjustment factors cl 30.2 and 30.3 Note that Brewfather appears to use an adjustment of 131.25


  • Select Plato - default SG
  • Select Fahrenheit - default Celsius
  • Select iSpindel SG 20°C approximate temperature correction - default none. An experimental function that modifies the displayed Present Gravity, Apparent Attenuation and % ABV values



This project would not have been possible without using libraries from Bodmer - TFT_eSPI screen, martin-ger - MQTT Broker, B Blanchon - ArduinoJson, tzapu - WiFiManger, NTPClient and the MultiMap for interpolation and others who are referenced in the code.

FermWatch Versions

1.2 Maintenance update Added hostname, as having to read the chipid or remembering the IP was a pain, fixed pressure display from BPL now Bpressure Minor display formatting issues corrected Display longer brew names up to 36 characters long without wordwrapping messing up the screen display Changed bpl to bpl42 all - Lower case you will need to set in BrewPiLess Mqtt. Change Brewfather from v1 to v2 per API changes Commented out reset settings every time! line 972

1.1 First Release

► I have achieved what I set out to do for the project, some compromises were made along the way, notably failing to get the AA fonts to work but no worries.

Future improvements

  • Monitor amount of change of iSp angle/SG to assess the rate of fermentation
  • could be to use the touch screen of the ILI9341
    • to select screen display BPL, iSpindel
    • change settings in lieu of the BPL rotary switch?
    • be able to change FermWatch config settings (F/C, SG/P, Temp Correction) on the fly rather than restarting
  • use the on board ILI9341 SD card facility to hold fonts etc
  • Migrate to ESP32 to get more memory for screen processing and use TrueType fonts for cleaner screen presentation
  • A separate BPL only FermWatch

My YouTube channel, Buy my Books, GitHub and website:



Monitoring fermentation with Brewfather®, BrewPiLess and iSpindel.







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