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Hydra Core examples

Uses cases for Hydra Core Vocabulary client

Here you can find some of the use cases to consider while developing a reference client implementation and improve the Hydra Core Vocabulary specification.

To create a context of the whole task, these use-cases are related to the EventAPI and a calendar-like UI web application.

Code snippets are using Heracles.ts reference client. Each code snipped assumes that the hydraClient variable is created via a hydra client factory:

const hydraClient = HydraClientFactory.configure().withDefaults().andCreate();

Each scenario is built using several sections:

  • Story - a short As a... I want... so... story introducing a general requirement
  • Usage - a pseudo-code (JavaScript/TypeScript like) of the imaginary client
  • Details - detailed description
  • Considerations - some additional considerations on several aspects
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