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HydraIRC is an IRC client for windows.

Reporting bugs

Please use the issue tracker to report bugs.


If you want to become a member of the HydraIRC github organization then please make contact, perhaps first by submitting a pull request or via the HydraIRC channel on FreeNode IRC - irc://freenode.net/#hydrairc

Maintainers for the project are sought as the author has very little free time.

Project Status

The project has been dormant from around 2009 to 2014, by moving the code to github and changing the license to GPL3 it is hoped that people will contribute to the project.

The main reasons for the project not receiving much attention until now (October 2014) are:

  • It still does everything the author needs 10 years after it was created.
  • The original author has learnt much about software development doesn't like working the codebase.


The project suffers from many bad development practices primarly the very tight coupling of some key parts of code. The coupling problem is not insurmountable but it needs cleaning up and decoupling badly.


HydraIRC uses WTL, WTL has not seen much love from Microsoft in recent years.


The license for the source is now GPL v3 - many of the source code files still refer to the old license, these references are outdated as of 1st October 2014 and will be replaced with the GPL header.