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#HydraShare Hydra is a web platform that allows users to share example files from Grasshopper and Dynamo. Efficiently export your scripts to the Hydra repository using the Grasshopper and Dynamo components so you can share with the community!

If you would like a video that walks you through the installation, click here

Getting Started

Step 1 – Create an Account

  • Visit
  • Fill out the require information to setup a personal account
  • Choose your plan (free)

Step 2 – Download Desktop Client

GitHub Desktop provides a fast, easy way to contribute to projects from OS X and Windows

  • Visit
  • After installing, go ahead and launch the client
  • You will prompted to designate a repository location (by default this points to C:\Users\user\Documents\GitHub)

Step 3 – Fork!

A fork is a copy of a repository and can be accomplish in two simple steps

Step 4 – Grab Components

  • Download the Grasshopper Component
  • Launch Grasshopper and navigate to File->Special Folders->User Object Folder
  • Move the downloaded component to this location
  • Right click the component, navigate to properties, and select unblock
  • Reload Grasshopper by typing "GrasshopperUnloadPlugin" followed by "Grasshopper" in the Rhino command prompt
  • Hydra should now appear in the Grasshopper menu under the "Extra" tab

Step 5 - Upload

  • Supply the required inputs Hydra Component Image
  • Return to the GitHub application and press sync located in the upper right corner
  • View the results!

(Note that if a target folder is not specified the default location is the default GitHub location mentioned above)

Notes for Use:

If you rename a Hydra, you'll create a new entry. If you want to cull out the older versions (under the earlier names) navigate to your local Hydra folder in the default GitHub location or otherwise), delete the older files there, and then commit and push your changes.

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