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Kanna Kobayashi is a community driven open-source application bot for Discord, based on the character Kanna Kamui from the anime known as Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon by KyoAni (Kyoto Animation Studios). This application is made with the intent of enriching the experience, as well as interactions, between our end users; It also serves as a project to improve our own skills.

Getting started

These are the tools you will need to have installed to get the project up and running:

  1. NodeJS;
    • It is highly recommend to always install the current version instead of LTS, as we are constantly updating the project to it's latest installment.

  2. Yarn;
  3. PostgreSQL.

After you are over installing everything, clone our repository into wherever you want. Then open a terminal in that directory and run yarn install in a terminal to install all it's dependencies.

Setting up

Make a copy of the data.example.json file as data.json in the root directory of the project, and fill it's blanks.

	"clientToken": "",      // discord application token ->
	"dbots": "",            // token for
	"osuToken": "",         // osu! api token ->!api
	"ravenToken": "",       // token ->
	"webhook": {
		"id": "",         // webhook's id
		"secret": ""      // webhook's secret
	"weebToken": "Bearer <Token>",   // closed api leave it blank ->
	"httpPort": 9000                 // prometheus port -> &&

After filling, go in your PostgreSQL and create a user with the name kanna and the following password: kannapw. Then create a database called kanna. Once finished, do yarn build to transpile the *.ts files. Right after, execute node ./bin/scripts/buildItems.js && node ./bin/scripts/createTriggers.js.

Congratulations! You have everything set-up now, all that is left is to run the application with yarn run!


All licenses to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and Kanna Kamui are reserved to KyoAni and coolkyou. We are not responsible for any modified versions of Kanna Kobayashi that may be made. If you would like to claim authorship in any of our code or content, feel free to e-mail us at without any hesitation.

Kanna Kobayashi, the Discord application bot. Copyright (C) 2017-2020 Hydractify