0.14 Minecraft: Pocket Edition server based on PocketMine 1.4 with all the new API methods.
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Steadfast2 Minecraft PE Server Software


Steadfast2 is a project for backporting new Minecraft: Pocket Edition changes to older Pocketmine versions for better stability and performance, while retaining as many features from the new versions as possible. It's currently in production on Lifeboat Survival Games' main servers.

Known bugs

  • Players don't fall out of the world naturally, you'll want to handle PlayerMoveEvent as needed to kill them.


Installing On Linux/MacOS

To install SteadyFast on Linux OS/MAC OS please follow the instructions below.

  1. git clone git@github.com:Hydreon/Steadfast2.git or https://github.com/Hydreon/Steadfast2.git in directory of your choosing. Or download and extract the zip into the directory of your choosing.

  2. Navigate to Steadfast2 directory via command line

  3. Run command ./installer If successful this will create a bin directory with a special Php7 build in it and a start.sh shell script

  4. Running ./start for the first time will take through the setup wizard where and create the 2 main config files for your server pocket####mine.yml and server.properties

Linux VM Notes:

  • If using Vagrant have a config of config.vm.network "public_network" in the Vagrantfile should make your server discoverable from LAN.

Installing on Windows

Steadfast2 is not the best suited for running on Windows and another fork of Pocketmine would be better for that. But don't worry steadfast2 will still run on Windows OS with some lack of performance,

To install Steadfast2 on Windows OS please follow the instructions below.

  1. To install Steadfast2 on windows OS, first you need to download the PocketMine PHP7 installer -> from here "Always take caution when downloading binaries off the internet" :)

  2. Next, you need to run the PocketMine installer then follow the instructions provide in the installer.

  3. Then you need to navigate to your user's documents file, and delete PocketMine-MP.phar.

  4. Finally, you need to move Steadfast2.phar into the directory above and run start.cmd.

We suggest a Linux VM in the meantime. We also suggest using Vagrant and picking a Ubuntu box -> from here

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Starting/Stopping Server On Windows

  1. To start the server navigate to your user's documents file, and click start.cmd
  2. To stop the server navigate to your user's documents file, and close the start.cmd windows

Starting/Stopping Server On Linux/Mac

  1. To start the server open a terminal window in the server root directory and then run command ./start.
  2. To stop the server type stop in the terminal of the running server. (or CTRL + C should work).

Creating the Steadfast2.phar File

To build the Steadfast2 server phar file please follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the Steadfast2 master from GitHub, then unzip the master then move the src folder into your server directory, then deleted the old .phar file if you still have it in the server directory.

  2. Download the PocketMine DevTools Plugin then move the plugin into your server directory plugins folder.

  3. Start the server if you don't know how to start the server follow your Starting/Stopping Server instructions above.

  4. Then run makeserver in the server terminal, then it will drop the phar file in its plugin directory.