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Welcome to the Super-Fast-Browser wiki!

Super Fast Browser update information

This GitHub Pages site is for anyone interested in keeping up to date with all the latest changes in the Super Fast Browser project. This will go into detail about almost everything changed; even the little things.

If you want to try out new features before they're available in the public release, you can become a beta tester here. If you do become a beta tester you may experience bugs!

You can check the Hydris Apps website to see the latest published updates, and other new projects.

Whats New

Items that have a strike have been implemented and are ready to be published in the next update.

Add context menu options for downloading video/audio

Better find in page widget

Add an ultra-fast option

  • This will basically disable all non-essential features to make the browser as fast as possible; for users that care less about featues and more about going at full speed

Add improved text option

  • Resize text automatically to better fit the screen

Night mode

Option to download webpages for offline use

Anonymous browsing mode


Having trouble with Super Fast Browser? Check out our FAQ or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.

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