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Hydro Token and Server-Side Raindrop


Project Hydro is developing blockchain software powered by the Hydro token (HYDRO). Our token conforms to the ERC-20 Ethereum token standard.

Enterprise Raindrop is integrated directly into the token, and works alongside systems like OAuth and JWT to secure APIs, databases, and other large access-controlled private systems.

Contract Addresses

Hydro Token Contract

Raindrop Enterprise


Project Hydro has also created an API to interface with this smart contract:

Hydro API Documentation

Testing With Truffle

  • This folder has a suite of tests created through Truffle
  • To run these tests:
    • Clone this repo: git clone
    • Navigate to the hydro-token-and-server-raindrop folder in your terminal
    • Make sure you have the appropriate Truffle version installed: npm install -g truffle@4.1.3
    • Install web3: npm install web3@1.0.0-beta.34
    • truffle test

Copyright & License

Copyright 2018 The Hydrogen Technology Corporation under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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