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Welcome to the Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP) Wiki!

The Hydro Community Development Program is designed to go above and beyond typical initiatives, offering a variety of ways for community members to contribute to the ongoing development of the Hydro technology ecosystem. Active members of the Hydro community who receive HYDRO tokens under HCDP can benefit from the additional utility that HYDRO tokens provide within the ecosystem.

The end goal of the HCDP is to foster the growth, health, vibrance, and complete decentralization of the Hydro ecosystem. We hope to create a positive feedback loop for the members of the community to continually improve Hydro!

All community members are eligible to participate, with the exception of the Hydro core developers listed below, who are not eligible to receive HYDRO tokens under HCDP:

  • Andy Chorlian
  • Anurag Angara
  • Matthew Kane
  • Michael Kane
  • Noah Zinsmeister
  • Shane Hampton

Program Details

The HCDP is a decentralized program. Any member of the HYDRO community can create development projects to be completed by others in the community. It is the responsibility of the project creator to clearly define their project, enumerate deliverables, manage submissions, and send out the rewarded HYDRO tokens upon successful completion. Example projects include: integrating HYDRO into open source projects and APIs, creating SDK libraries and other development tools, and creating new HYDRO documentation.

In total, HYDRO grants will account for a maximum of 10% of the total supply of HYDRO over the lifetime of the ecosystem. This will kickstart a free-flowing system of HYDRO development tasks powered by the community.

How to Submit

Head over to the Issues Page. Here you can see all of the currently open projects. These projects can be submitted and maintained by anyone in the community. Every project may handle submissions and reviews differently, so it is important to thoroughly read each post.

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