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Description: This MATLAB user interface takes time-series data as input nodes, and computes information theory based measures bewtween nodes as time-dependent links in a network. See the user guide pdf for details on functionality and setup.


Software required: Matlab

Open Matlab

Run the file "Entropy_GUImain.m"

Load a data file, project file, or generate chaotic test data.

Select filtering, time windows, and pre-processing options.

Run Temporal Information Partitioning Network (TIPNet) program and save and plot results.

Note: some issues with plotting in the GUI may occur for various Matlab versions. Please contact creator if you come across these issues.

References: Goodwell, Allison and Praveen Kumar (2017) Temporal Information Partitioning: characterizing synergy, redundancy and uniqueness in interacting environmental variables. Water Resources Research, 2017 DOI: 10.1002/2016WR020216

Goodwell, Allison and Praveen Kumar (2017) Temporal Information Partitioning Networks (TIPNets) to infer ecohydrologic behavior. Water Resources Research, 2017, DOI:10.1002/2016WR020216



Description: This is a Matlab graphical user interface to perform process network computations based on time-series signals.
See the TIPNet User Guide pdf document for details, instructions, and user guide

Software required: Matlab

To Run: Open Matlab. Go to the file EntropyGUI_mainwindow.m. Right click and “run file” or run from editor window in Matlab.

License: At present this code is made available for educational use, and for research only under a collaborative agreement

Contact Authors: Allison Goodwell: Praveen Kumar:

Questions and suggestions are welcome!