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This repository shows how to interact with the hydro v2 margin smart contract.


1. Read or Monitor Contract Status

This example shows how to read data from contract.

npm install
npm run example

View example code

2. Contract Structure and Moving Assets

Contract Structure

The hydro v2 margin contract supports three primary functions: spot trading, margin trading, and lending. To avoid collision of actions between these areas, each of these functions actually has a separate balance within the contract (referred to as "Accounts"). Additionally, you can also interact with the hydro margin contract through an external Ethereum wallet (such as MetaMask).

The following table highlights this division of asset allocation for interacting with the hydro v2 margin contract:

Name Location Description
Ethereum Wallet Private Wallet Your personal wallet. eg: MetaMask.
Trading Balance Hydro Contract Balances here can be withdrawn at any time. Can be used to place orders for spot trading.
Margin Balance Hydro Contract Balances here can be used as collateral to borrow assets into the corresponding market for margin trading. Each market has a separate margin balance (ETH-DAI margin balances are separate from ETH-USDT margin balances)
Funding Balance Hydro Contract Balances in funding pools earn interest. Traders can borrow funds from here for margin trading.

Moving Assets

There are 7 unique actions defined in the hydro v2 margin contract for moving your assets between your external wallet and the hydro accounts. These actions are: Deposit, Withdraw, Borrow, Repay, Supply, poolWithdraw and Transfer, described in the table below.

Action How Assets Are Moved
deposit from ethereum wallet to trading balance
withdraw from trading balance to ethereum wallet
transfer 1) between trading balance and margin balance.
2) between different margin balances.
borrow from funding pool to margin balance
repay from margin balance to funding pool
supply from trading balance to funding pool
poolWithdraw from funding pool to trading balance

The following picture depicts a high level overview of how asset moving actions interact with each area of the contract:


This code example will show you how to move your funds and how to combine these actions.

View example code

3. Participating in auctions

Hydro Margin liquidations are handled through the form of dutch auctions. We will provide more detailed guides on participating in these auctions in the future, but for now if you'd like to get involved please check out the following code example:

View example code

Full List of Functions

All external functions are listed in this file.




Example codes for interaction with hydro V2 margin protocol contract.








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