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Pivotal Tracker Rest API wrapper
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PivotalTracker.NET is a wrapper around the Rest API provided by Pivotal Labs, the makers of Pivotal Track.

With it, developers can retrieve projects, create stories, delete stories, edit stories, add tasks to stories, remove tasks to stories, edit tasks, and add comment to stories.

Sample Usage


AuthenticationToken authenticationToken = AuthenticationService.Authenticate("user", "pass");

Retrieving All Stories

long projectId = 1123;
var  authenticationToken = AuthenticationService.Authenticate("myUsername", "myPassword");
var stories = new StoryService(authenticationToken).GetAllStories(projectId);

Creating a New Story

long projectId = 1123;
var story = new Story {
                      Name = "Nouvelle histoire",
                      RequestedBy = "pivotaltrackerdotnet",
                      StoryType = StoryType.Feature,
                      Description = "bla bla bla and more bla",
                      ProjectId = Constants.ProjectId,
                      Estimate = 2
var authenticationToken = AuthenticationService.Authenticate("myUsername", "myPassword");
var storyService = new StoryService(authenticationToken);

var savedStory = storyService.AddNewStory(projectId,story);

The documentation will 'soon' be available on the project's wiki.

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