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PCB Render

Build Instructions

Install PCBmodE. Clone this repo into the "boards" directory within your PCBmodE installation.

Generate the Board

pcbmode -b sdvx --fab -m

You should now be able to view the board SVG in /sdvx/build/sdvx.svg.

Generating Gerbers

pcbmode -b sdvx --fab dirtypcb

Board files will be output to: /sdvx/build/production/

Modifying the Design

In PCBmodE, there are two different ways to modify the design: the sdvx.json file itself, or the sdvx.svg output file in the /build/ directory.

The json can be used to define/place components, while the svg can be used to place traces and move components.

After modifying the json, regenerate the board with the -m flag.

After modifying the svg, extract the changes with the -e flag, and then generate the board with -m.

For more info, check the PCBmodE Wiki.