Assets 3

It's really just a bunch of emojis I used on Discord. Maybe gonna accept custom ones if I like them, not sure though. Just in case I'll create a sorta thread over at Issues. Don't ask for Nekotopia emojis though, they were gonna be included but the server owner didn't give me permission so 🤷🏻 If you want a quicker way to share them, just use (No direct download, just a smaller link and easier to remember)

Not really made meant for anyone to use it but since I already edited the images, compiled and such I may as well get a GitHub backup and release it

As in my previous ones where I just found it useful to have these images as stickers "all rights belong to their respective owners and this was by no means an attempt to gain money or fame using them," this is just a backup of my files. If you've got any complaints please don't DMCA the whole thing, just send me an email asking at and I'll simply remove them