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A Swift 3.0 Flashcard App for iOS
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A flashcard application for iOS in Swift 3.0

Join our discord I guess?

Due to our belief in as much transparency as possible, we have opened up our development discord for questions (seeing as Git doesn't allow for direct messages)

Use this link to join

Mind you, we reserve the right to redact it at any time and without warning.


With flashy, you will be able to:

  • Create cardsets on the device
    • Text, images, audio, and video can be displayed on the cards
    • A way of sharing cardsets with others.
  • View the sets
    • Randomize the order in which their viewed
  • Customize the app as you please
    • Change the color scheme
      • Create your own color scheme
    • Change fonts
  • Save cardsets to local device storage
    • Load from said saves.

Backround goals

  1. Keep updated with latest instance of Swift until end of development
  2. Make use of 3DTouch
  3. Document things. Like. Everything.
  4. Keep on top of bugs, I spent a whole day fixing bugs in Flashy Alpha 2.0 and I would rather that not be a common theme.
  5. Use good Swift techniques for efficent, legibale code.
  6. Have some degree of knowlege of what's in the project, learn from what is copied and pasted from StackOverflow.




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