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A real implementation of the HTCPCP Protocol for use on a Raspberry Pi..
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A real implementation of the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol. Get a cheap coffee pot, a programmable power strip, and a Raspberry Pi and you'll have your own HTCPCP server.


The goal of this project is to implement a complient HTCPCP server after the HTCPCP protocol.


The overall design will involve a Flask server that communicates with a coffeed daemon that actually controls the coffee/tea pot. Therefore, the Flask app should return responses immediately.

Design of the Flask app (at time or writing) is nearly complete and trivially implemented. Implementation of the coffeed daemon is in the brainstorming phase. Please checkout the issues for more information.


apt-get install wiringpi
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the server

gunicorn --worker-class gevent server:app

The server will be running on port 8000, you can use a command like this to make brew requests:

curl -X BREW http://localhost:8000/teapot

What to help?

Check out our CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

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