download an svg element as an SVG or PNG file, including CSS defined styles
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Download an SVG element as an SVG or PNG file, including CSS defined styles.

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js-semistandard-style License


  • Download <svg> by element object.
  • Download as SVG or PNG file.
  • Copies SVG element styles as rendered in the browser, including styles defined in CSS style sheets.
  • Copies only SVG relevant and non-default styles. See here.
  • Computed styles are in-lined for maximum compatibility.



npm install svgsaver


bower install svgsaver


jspm install svgsaver=npm:svgsaver


For maximum compatibility across browsers include eligrey/FileSaver.js/ and eligrey/canvas-toBlob.js. See Compatibility-Chart for more information.


var SvgSaver = require('svgsaver');                 // if using CommonJS environment
var svgsaver = new SvgSaver();                      // creates a new instance
var svg = document.querySelector('#mysvg');         // find the SVG element
svgsaver.asSvg(svg);                                // save as SVG



Based on previous work on Hypercubed/angular-downloadsvg-directive. Some portions of this code inspired by raw and moagrius/copycss.


MIT License