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A game where you stride around a cellar or something
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Cellar Strider

A game where you stride around a cellar!


Cellar Strider runs on pure Python, using the curses module for drawing, which is a wrapper for ncurses. This should come with Python. The sole external dependency is PyYAML, used for loading map files. You can install it automatically by running:

pip install PyYAML


easy_install PyYAML

...which may require sudo.


To play, simply run It will ask you to select a game, or "map pack". Choose the tutorial to start with, so you can get a feeling for the controls, but definitely check out the main game once you've finished it -- that's where the action's at!


The game is completely keyboard-based. Use WASD to navigate the player. Enter (or Return) is used to progress through most dialogs and messages.

Press i to open your inventory, select an item with W and S, then close the inventory with Enter. To use the item, press Space while in the game. For swords and keys, remember to be right next to the object when using it. For swords, a good technique is to move towards the enemy, press Space, and then immediate move away so they cannot retaliate.


A sample of the map format can be viewed in games/tutorial/tutorial.yaml. A (much) more complex example is games/main-game/level02.yaml.

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