a basic magic plugin for Minecraft servers running Bukkit.
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SimplePlugin v0.01 -- a basic magic plugin for Minecraft servers running Bukkit.

UPDATE- Spells 1 (SimplePlugin) is no longer being worked on and is being replaced by Spells 2, which is currently in development. https://github.com/Hypersonic/Spells-2

    - A "magic wand": the gold hoe
    - Permissions
    - Basic spells:
        | Alchemy: turning items into other items in a furnace. Paying for it can be whatever item is in the bottom?
        | Combat: offensive/defensive/support spells
            > Healing
            > Summoning defenses (think summoning a temporary cobblestone wall in front of you)
            > Offensive spells (think Ghast explosions)
            > Summon Mobs
        | Building spells
            > Summon walls or cuboids, using the materials in your inventory and some form of payment (magic points?).
        | Mining-related spells
            > Compass points to the nearest of a certain type of ore or maybe you get the coords?
        | Warps/teleportation in general.
            > Something like /j, /ascend, /descend and maybe something between worlds.
    - System like magic points or magic resources.
    - Some spells only work in certain worlds? or cost different amounts in different worlds?