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TraduXio – A participative platform for cultural texts translators

Although machine translation and translation memories are frequently used in business, they are inadequate to translate a text from a culture to another one. When faced with philosophy, literature or ancient texts, professional translators have to cope with the fact that the most important things to "translate" are often in the style, in details, or even unwritten.

The design of our open-source software is based on the observation of translators' working sessions. The resulting human interface allows to confront different points of view on the same opus (several translators in several languages) and to foster intertextuality between opuses from the same time or genre.


A "texts-base" rather than a "data-base".

Translate parts of an original text with your team (or on your own).

Check the on-site concordance for context-dependent phrases.

Compare different translations of the same text.

Protect copyrights.

Note: Those figures are design mockups. Core features are already in production. Check the roadmap for more details of what is to be done.


Contrary to a well known "free service" which is only free of charge, our software is open-source so that you shall be free for ever to install its latest version, run it, improve it, and tweak it to your needs.

Besides, the service we shall host will let you free:

  • to work privately, sharing only small parts of your translation in the concordance,
  • to choose a free license to publish your work with,
  • or to quit and take your texts with you.

By design, our database does not contain a translation memory but texts stored so that concordances can be made. We do not have small reusable phrases but long singular sentences in context. There are no derivative data we would steal from your work. Sentences are yours and will remain yours.


Project lead: Philippe Lacour.

Design: Aurélien Bénel, Diana Zambon.

Development: Diana Zambon, Franck Eyraud, Aurélien Bénel, Alexis Deprez.

Fund raising & community building: Any Freitas.

Localization: Юлия Гончарова, Diana Zambon.

Partners: Unesco, World association of young scientists, [Union latina] (, Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France, Organisation internationale de la francophonie, Centre Marc Bloch.