Korean Localization

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"i_analyze_compare": "Analyze and compare",
"i_participative_translation": "Participative cultural text translation",
"i_traduxio_description": "TraduXio is a collaborative environment for cultural text translators.",
"i_analyze_compare_description": "TraduXio offers you the opportunity to analyze and compare translations of the same text, and also to keep all your contributions.",
"i_choose_license": "Choose your license",
"i_choose_license_description": "TraduXio allows you to define a license to ensure the rights of your contributions. License definition is based on the Creative Commons model.",
"i_search_translations": "Search translations",
"i_search_translations_description": "TraduXio offers you the possibility to search translations of one or several words through a works library simply and effectively.",
"i_work_together": "Work together",
"i_work_together_description": "TraduXio provides a collaborative environment. It includes a tool that allows multiple contributors to translate the same text simultaneously.",
"i_start": "Start",

"i_works": "Works",
"i_my_translations": "My translations",
"i_concordance": "Concordance",

"i_about": "About",
"i_copyright": "Compliance with copyright",

"i_report": "Report",
"i_report_description": "Report abusive publication",
"i_at_page_": "at page:",
"i_wrong_ref": "Reference is missing or incorrect (author, publisher, license...)",
"i_protected_work": "Distribution of a protected text that can not be assimilated to a short quotation",
"i_details": "Details",
"i_optional_details_": "Details (optional):",
"i_optional": "optional",
"i_email": "Email",
"i_email_optional_": "Email (optional):",
"i_anti_spam_system_": "Anti-spam system:",

"i_license_characteristics": "License characteristics",
"i_allow_changes_question": "Do you allow changes to your creation?",
"i_yes": "Yes",
"i_no": "No",
"i_yes_share_conditions": "Yes, whether the sharing is under the same conditions",
"i_allow_commercial_use_question": "Do you allow commercial uses of your work?",
"i_license_jurisdiction": "Licence jurisdiction",
"i_fr": "France",
"i_uk": "United Kingdom",
"i_us": "United States",
"i_it": "Italy",
"i_save": "Save",
"i_cancel": "Cancel",
"i_selected_license": "Selected license",
"i_not_free_license": "This is not a free cultural License",

"i_language": "Language",
"i_language_": "Language:",
"i_trad": "Trans.",

"i_translation": "Translation",
"i_translation_": "Translation:",
"i_create": "Create",
"i_delete_text_and_translations": "Delete text and all its translations",
"i_hide": "Hide",
"i_edit": "Edit",
"i_edit_license": "Edit license",
"i_all_rights_reserved": "All rights reserved",

"i_add_work": "Add a work",
"i_search": "Search",
"i_confirm_delete": "Deletion is irreversible. Continue?",
"i_delete_version": "Delete '%s' translation?",
"i_read": "Read",
"i_year_original": "Date, year, or text century",
"i_year_version": "Date, year, or translation century",
"i_original_language": "Original language",
"i_original": "Original work",
"i_version_language": "Translation language",
"i_author": "Author",
"i_version_author": "Author (transliterated if necessary)",
"i_translator": "Translation author",
"i_title": "Title",
"i_translated_title": "Translated title"
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