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Valetudo companion service
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I can't belive it's not Valetudo

This is a simple companion service for valetudo which does all the heavy lifting.

Since both CPU and Memory are limited on the robot, PNG generation for third-party components has been moved here.

Just run this via npm start on a host with enough resources. There's also a dockerfile.

To override the configuration inside the docker container, map it to /app/config.json. It looks like this:

        "mqtt" : {
            "identifier": "rockrobo",
            "topicPrefix": "valetudo",
            "autoconfPrefix": "homeassistant",
            "broker_url": "mqtt://user:pass@foobar.example",
            "caPath": "",
            "mapSettings": {
                "drawPath": true,
                "drawCharger": true,
                "drawRobot": true,
                "border": 2,
                "scale": 4
            "mapDataTopic": "valetudo/rockrobo/map_data",
            "minMillisecondsBetweenMapUpdates": 10000,
            "publishMapImage": true
        "webserver": {
            "enabled": false,
            "port": 3000

FHEM, ioBroker, etc

If you set webserver.enabled to true, the map PNG will be available at http://host:port/api/map/image

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