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Beta 0.3.1

This release contains no new features. Just some bugfixes.


  • Websockets should now work through a HTTPS Reverse Proxy
  • Map View should now work through a Reverse Proxy with basic auth
  • Fixed map being rotated by 180°
  • Fixed crashes + lags by moving PNG Rendering from Valetudo to a seperate project
  • Possibly fixed random firmware rollbacks

Sadly, PNG Generation had to be removed completely due to it being very CPU & Memory-heavy. This should fix random crashes as well as the stuttering livemap.

Additional upgrade instructions

Please note that you need to update your /etc/init/valetudo.conf.
If you're building a firmware image, just remove the rockrobo/valetudo folder completely and recreate it by following the Wiki Guide.

Home Assistant users

Since PNG map generation has been moved elsewhere you will need to run that somewhere if you still want to get your map as PNG in HA.

FHEM, ioBroker and other users

Please take a look at the valetudo companion application I can't belive it's not Valetudo. In its configuration, you can enable an HTTP-Server which serves the latest Map PNG as well as the raw map data.

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Beta 0.3.0

As you might have already noticed, we finally have a Logo thanks to @newfinal100.

Cloud Interface / Official Map Upload

Valetudo 0.3.0 completely ditches reading the map from FS and instead now includes dummycloud functionality to utilize the official map upload feature. With this change, basically any existing map related bug should be fixed. No more vanishing paths or missing maps and no more rrlogd patching.
Technology-wise, this new cloud interface approach should make everything easier, faster and more stable.

Real Time Map

The map feature now uses websockets to continuously stream map updates to the Webinterface thanks to @petabyteboy.
Now, the live map is indeed live and using go-to feels even more like an RTS Game.
If you're running Valetudo behind a reverse proxy don't forget to enable the websocket proxy module.
Also if you're not seeing a map but a huge robot, there might be none available. Just start a cleanup and it should magically appear. If not try rebooting 😄

MQTT Improvements

If you're Home Assistant setup uses custom autodiscovery prefixes or you need different MQTT Topics than the default, @reaper7 has got you covered.
Also, both status & map topic are only updated if there are any changes thanks to the new cloud interface.


There's a new and improved installation guide in the official Valetudo repos wiki which should answer all of your questions and provide a bit more insight in how valetudo works. This is of course WIP.

Upgrading from earlier versions

If you're upgrading from an earlier version, it's much easier to just build a new image by following the new guide. Just scp'ing the new binary will not work.

If you don't want to follow said guide, you will need to uninstall dummycloud if it's installed but keep its iptables rules in /etc/rc.local as well as the changes to /etc/hosts.

As always: Thanks to contributers + community for making this possible ❤

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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Mar 24, 2019

Again, more MQTT Features

@westenberg extended the interface to report the robots attributes to Home Assistant


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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Mar 23, 2019

This Builds nodejs runtime contains a memory-leak which will crash the robot. Please use 0.2.2-hotfix1

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More MQTT Support with this release.

Now simple non-interactive map views are supported. Again, everything should be discovered automatically.


Support for /api/remote/map has been dropped in favour of the new MQTT way of fetching Map PNGs.
The options however remain and are available in /mnt/data/valetudo/config.json, so if you feel like turning off cropping you can still do that there.

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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Mar 22, 2019

Valetudo 0.2.1 finally brings support for MQTT.
Since it's using the HomeAssistant Autodiscovery feature, there's not much to set up.

Just enable it in your configuration file and your robot should appear in your Home Assistant UI.


If you're upgrading from an older version of valetudo add this to your config file which is located at /mnt/data/valetudo/config.json:

"mqtt": {
	"enabled": true,
	"identifier": "rockrobo",
	"broker_url": "mqtt://foobar.example"

If your MQTT Broker requires authentication, you can specify its credentials like this: mqtt://user:password@host

Be advised that not every feature supported by the Valetudo Webinterface is also supported by the MQTT interface. This shall change in upcoming releases.

For more information on what mqtt commands are available, take a look at the Home Assistant MQTT Vacuum documentation:

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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Feb 19, 2019

Valetudo Beta

Thanks to awesome contributions by many people, Valetudo has now entered Beta stage.

Release 0.2.0 features many usability improvements:

The new and improved Map View

@matthiasharrer finally did it. He replaced the old, slow and feature-poor map draw logic with his new one which was previously available via (/zone)


Now its possible to Zoom and Pan the map, as well as do zoned clean-ups or issue goto commands.
All while being a lot faster.
See the PR for more: #94

A better timer configuration dialog

@Bennedetto worked on many improvements for this release. This is one of them.
The Timer Dialog now feels like its a fully supported feature instead of some hack like it was before.


You won't have to google "cron syntax" anymore since now there's this fancy pop-up dialog.


Now, you can finally move to another timezone. Your robot vacuum won't hold you back anymore!

See the PR for more: #93

Cleaning History

Another great contribution by @Bennedetto


See PR: #97

Carpet mode configuration

Thanks to @Bennedetto you can now do that.


PR: #98

More information for the information View

As you might have noticed, I'm running out of things to say.
More @Bennedetto stuff this way.


PR: #96

Overall, this release marks a big step in the development of Valetudo.
Thank you all for making this possible. ❤️

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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Feb 10, 2019

  • /zone map improvements
  • Valetudo Version is now visible in the settings menu
  • Token should now be selectable using firefox
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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Dec 21, 2018

  • New zoomable/draggable map (see /zone)
    • Including a box that displays the clicked coordinates
  • Fixes for missing maps (Error 500)
  • Initial support for Gen2 FW >1518 maps with patched rrlogd. No virtual Wall support yet

Breaking Changes

  • Config file location moved to /mnt/data/valetudo/config.json
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@Hypfer Hypfer released this Dec 9, 2018

This release contains a few bugfixes

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