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Building Valetudo

For building, you need a reasonably new NodeJS. You can install this from your distro (preferred), or using one of the official pre-compiled binaries on the node-website …. pkg is able to create armv7-binaries on x86 (and other platforms) just fine — as long as it does not need to pre-compile its JS bytecode. This is why we specify --no-bytecode.

git clone
cd Valetudo
npm install
npm run build

After that you'll find a binary named valetudo in that folder which you should scp to /usr/local/bin/

Create /etc/init/valetudo.conf using the file located in this directory

Preventing communication to the Xiaomi cloud

To prevent the robot from communicating with the Xiaomi cloud you need to setup iptables and configure the /etc/hosts so that xiaomi hostnames are redirected locally back to Valetudo.

First add the content of deployment/etc/hosts to your /etc/hosts file on the robot.

Second edit the /etc/rc.local file and add the contet of deployment/etc/rc.local befor the exit 0 line.


You can now reboot robot.

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