1/20 MiniCar: An ackermann based rover for MPC and Pure-Pursuit controller
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HyphaROS MiniCar (1/20 Scale MPC Racing Car)

alt text


Low cost, High speed 1/20 Racing Car for control laws evaluation !
Fully open-sourced (hardware & software), total cost <300USD.
Currently supports: Pure-Pursuit, Model-Predictive-Control (Nonlinear)

alt text

About us

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/HyphaROS/
Website: https://hypharosworkshop.wordpress.com/
Contact: hypha.ros@gmail.com

  • HaoChih, LIN

Date: 2018/08/16
License: Apache 2.0


  • Nonlinear Bicycle Model Based MPC (through ipopt solver)
  • Pure-Pursuit Controller
  • Onboard mapping (Gmapping, Hector-SLAM, Karto-SLAM, MRPT-ICP)
  • STM32 for motor speed closed-loop control
  • AMCL localization (encoder-odometry based)
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • Stage Simulation (supports: MPC & Pure-Pursuit)


  • Add EKF supports (odometry with mpu6050)
  • MPC for obstacle avoidance
  • Implement MPC on different solvers (ACADO, OSQP, etc)
  • Multi-cars racing through ROS 2.0 layer
  • High Speed Drifting



HyphaROS MPC MiniCar 1-Day Workshop:
ROS Summer School in China 2018 Slides:


VirtualBox Image

OVA image file (Kinetic, password: hypharos, 20180816)
Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uRvXGakvQrbynmPHX_KIFJxPm8o6MWPb

Odroid Image

Image file for Odroid XU4.(with SD card >=16G, password: hypharos)
Link: https://goo.gl/87vrNk
(if your SD card is around 13GB, it's OK to force Win32DiskImager to write the file!)
The default ethernet IP address is


Source codes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19rjjpJmz85lTSxCyu-9CtvZhUW37c2LS
Since the original STM32 codes came from third-paries,
currently, the quality of codes are not guaranteed by us.
For MCUISP Driver: http://www.mcuisp.com/English%20mcuisp%20web/ruanjianxiazai-english.htm

Install from source (16.04)

  1. Install ROS Kinetic (Desktop-Full) (http://wiki.ros.org/kinetic/Installation/Ubuntu)
  2. Install dependencies:
    $ sudo apt-get install remmina synaptic gimp git ros-kinetic-navigation* ros-kinetic-gmapping ros-kinetic-hector-slam ros-kinetic-mrpt-icp-slam-2d ros-kinetic-slam-karto ros-kinetic-ackermann-msgs -y
  3. Install Ipopt: Please refer the tutorial in "document/ipopt_install".
  4. create your own catkin_ws
    $ cd catkin_ws/src
    $ git clone https://github.com/EAIBOT/ydlidar
    $ git clone https://github.com/Hypha-ROS/hypharos_minicar
    $ cd ..
    $ catkin_make



$ roslaunch hypharos_minicar HyphaROS_Simulation_Stage.launch
The default controller is mpc, you can switch to pure-pursuit or DWA through param: "controller"
alt text

Ethernet Connection

The default static eth IP on Odroid image is, hence, to connect to your Odroid through cable, please set your host IP as 10.0.0.X
Notice: for the first bootup, you have to update Odroid MAC address through HDMI Dispaly!

Wifi Connection

Use ethernet or display connection to make Odroid connect to your local Wifi AP. Remember to set ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP in ".bashrc" file on both Odroid & host machine.


  • MiniCar (Odroid) side:
    $ roslaunch hypharos_minicar HyphaROS_MiniCar_Mapping.launch
    The default mapping algorithm is gmapping, you can swith to other slam method through param: "slam_type"
    (crrently supports: gmapping, karto_slam, mrpt_icp and hector_slam)

  • Host (Desktop) side:
    $ roslaunch hypharos_minicar HyphaROS_Desktop_Mapping.launch
    Use keyboard to control the minicar.

After mapping, remember to save two maps, one for amcl and the other for move_base!


  • MiniCar (Odroid) side:
    $ roslaunch hypharos_minicar HyphaROS_MiniCar_Racing.launch
    The default controller is mpc, you can swith to other slam method through param: "controller"
    (crrently supports: mpc and pure_pursuit)

  • Host (Desktop) side:
    $ roslaunch hypharos_minicar HyphaROS_Desktop_Racing.launch
    Use keyboard to interrupt controller's behavior.