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Hyphenate server-side client library
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Python Client for Hyphenate Services

The Python Client for Hyphenate Services is for use in server applications on a proxy server, aka, your developer server. Client library serves as a wrapper layer on top of raw REST APIs that allows you to deploy on your server and make APIs requests. See Hyphenate APIs.


This library is open source. We encourage you to contribute to make the code base better! If you encountered any bug or feature suggestion, please submit an issue or email for urgent fixes.




Update Hyphenate app configurations in under hyphenateserver folder.

api_host = ''
app_key = 'hyphenatedemo#demo'
app_credentials = {
    'client_id': 'YXA68E7DkM4uEeaPwTPbScypMA',
    'client_secret': 'YXA63_RZdbtXQB9QZsizSCgMC70_4Rs'


Generate keystore

Keystore Generation with public site certificate

REST APIs Documentation


Rate Limiting

By default, requests are sent at the expected rate limits for each web service, typically 30 queries per second for free users.
Each IP address is limited to 30 requests per second. Requests beyond this limit will receive a 429 or 503 error. If you received this error, please reduce the request frequency and try again. Please contact Hyphenate if you need higher request rate.

Install Python IDE

You can use Atom or any Python IDE you prefer to the run the project.

Unit Testing Setups

We're using Python unit testing framework unittest. learn more

$ python -m unittest discover
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