Mix between Hypnotize Hud and m0rehud
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Hypnotize m0rehud


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Mix between Hypnotize Hud and m0rehud

The only changes from the normal m0rehud are the custom menus and a few ingame changes like the spectator menu, freezecam and medic ubercharge


1) Extract/Unzip the hud

2) Copy the Hypnotize m0rehud folder (NOT Hypnotize-m0rehud-Master, the one inside it!)

3) Paste The folder to your custom tf folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\Hypnotize m0rehud)

4) Go to Resource/Fonts select all the font and install them (rightclick while selected and install)


In case you are using a 4:3, 5:4 or 16:10 aspect ration be sure to use the right patches in order to make the hud compatible with these resolutions.


1) Choose which customization you want to apply and open the dedicated folder (each folder has a screen of the customization as well)

2) Copy all the folders found inside

3) Paste and replace them over the normal m0rehud files!

Other than that is also possible to easily change the colors by editing the resource/scheme/colors.res file

Inside that file is possible to change all the colors used for the health/ammo/buff/hurt/uber and many more!


All the hud crosshairs can be found inside the scripts/crosshairs folder!

It is possible to enable them from the crosshairs.res file by setting "visible" "1" for the wanted crosshair.

It is also possible to easily animate them so the crosshair turns red on damage by editing the HudAnimations_Crosshairs file, you can find all the instructions inside the file!

yeah I copied and pasted the readme from m0rehud :>