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Hypothesis for the Scientific Stack


Hypothesis offers a number of strategies for NumPy testing, available in the hypothesis[numpy] :doc:`extra </extras>`. It lives in the hypothesis.extra.numpy package.

The centerpiece is the :func:`~hypothesis.extra.numpy.arrays` strategy, which generates arrays with any dtype, shape, and contents you can specify or give a strategy for. To make this as useful as possible, strategies are provided to generate array shapes and generate all kinds of fixed-size or compound dtypes.

.. automodule:: hypothesis.extra.numpy
   :exclude-members: ArrayStrategy


Hypothesis provides strategies for several of the core pandas data types: :class:`pandas.Index`, :class:`pandas.Series` and :class:`pandas.DataFrame`.

The general approach taken by the pandas module is that there are multiple strategies for generating indexes, and all of the other strategies take the number of entries they contain from their index strategy (with sensible defaults). So e.g. a Series is specified by specifying its :class:`numpy.dtype` (and/or a strategy for generating elements for it).

.. automodule:: hypothesis.extra.pandas

Supported Versions

There is quite a lot of variation between pandas versions. We only commit to supporting the latest version of pandas, but older minor versions are supported on a "best effort" basis. Hypothesis is currently tested against and confirmed working with Pandas 0.19, 0.20, 0.21, 0.22, and 0.23.

Releases that are not the latest patch release of their minor version are not tested or officially supported, but will probably also work unless you hit a pandas bug.