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Help and Support

For questions you are happy to ask in public, the :doc:`Hypothesis community <community>` is a friendly place where I or others will be more than happy to help you out. You're also welcome to ask questions on Stack Overflow. If you do, please tag them with 'python-hypothesis' so someone sees them.

For bugs and enhancements, please file an issue on the :issue:`GitHub issue tracker <>`. Note that as per the :doc:`development policy <development>`, enhancements will probably not get implemented unless you're willing to pay for development or implement them yourself (with assistance from me). Bugs will tend to get fixed reasonably promptly, though it is of course on a best effort basis.

To see the versions of Python, optional dependencies, test runners, and operating systems Hypothesis supports (meaning incompatibility is treated as a bug), see :doc:`supported`.

If you need to ask questions privately or want more of a guarantee of bugs being fixed promptly, please contact me on to talk about availability of support contracts.

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