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Logos and other pretty things

Hypothesis has a beautiful logo, thanks to the generous work of Libby Berrie in issue #1519. The CogWorks class of 2019 named the dragonfly "Scout", as a job description and after To Kill a Mockingbird.

General guidelines:

  • Prefer vector (.svg) formats to raster formats (.png) wherever possible.
  • We consider the rainbow version to be canonical. The blue variant is provided for cases such as monochome versions or printing with a limited palette.

With that in mind, you are welcome to use these logos to refer to Hypothesis - and if you're not sure whether a specific use is OK, please get in touch and ask!

For example, we often bring Hypothesis stickers to conferences but can't make it to everything. If you want to print your own Hypothesis stickers, upload the image to StickerMule and pick one of the die-cut vinyl options - that's how we get ours!

Hypothesis stickers suitable for your laptop

Zac also hands out custom hard-enamel pins to Hypothesis contributors, including anyone who has a pull request merged, does outreach, attends a paid workshop, donates money, and so on - we value all kinds of contributions!

Like stickers, you can collect a pin in person at certain Python conferences, or sponsor Zac to get them by Australia Post.

Colour palette in GIMP format

A colour palette in GIMP format (.gpl) is also provided with the intent of making it easier to produce graphics and documents which re-use the colours in the Hypothesis Dragonfly logo by Libby Berrie.

The hypothesis.gpl file should be copied or imported to the appropriate location on your filesystem. For example:

  • /usr/share/inkscape/palettes/ for Inkscape on Ubuntu 18.08
  • Edit -> Colors -> Import... then select the hypothesis.gpl file in Scribus on Ubuntu 18.08
  • Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Palettes -> Palettes Menu -> Add Palette -> Import from file... then select the hypothesis.gpl file in GIMP on Ubuntu 18.08

Once imported, the colour palette is then available for easy manipulation of colours within the user interface.


Inkscape showing Hypothesis colour palette


GIMP showing Hypothesis colour palette

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