Example boilerplate for using Angular, Gulp, Express with LiveReload ad Browserify
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Example Boilerplate

This is an example Boilerplate for using Angular, Gulp, Browserify and a local webserver with LiveReload.

It's part of the blog post at http://mindthecode.com/lets-build-an-angularjs-app-with-browserify-and-gulp

Attention - Frickle

I won't be actively maintaining this repository, to keep it compatible with the tutorial on Mindthecode, so if you want a more up to date and advanced boilerplate with the above +more you are better off cloning https://github.com/Hyra/Frickle/


git clone https://github.com/Hyra/angular-gulp-browserify-livereload-boilerplate/ example-app

cd example-app

npm install

gulp dev