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Simple timer desktop app using electron
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For application

Simple timer desktop app using electron

For boilerplate

Can be referred to electron basic setting like hot-loading, build, auto-launch, auto-update etc.

I have managed oh-my-desk maked electron. oh-my-desk has a core feature that is needed for other electron projects as well. (like hot-loading, auto-update, auto-launch etc.) But It is huge project to consult a core features. Therefore, Tiny-Timer is a simple project and is easy to consult about how to make a core feature.


Following link and Download matched file about OS.

MAC download Tiny-Timer-1.0.2.dmg

Window download Tiny-Timer-Setup-1.0.2.exe



Setting time and script then occur notification with script when time up.


  • Enter: run the timer.
  • back-space: reset the timer.
  • space or click: stop the timer.


npm install // install external library
npm run start // run `Tiny-Timer` in development mode.
npm build // build `Tiny-Timer` in production mode.

Electron Boilerplate

I make this project to help initialize about electron project. I leave the guide for initialize electron project. Please reter to this repository.

Progress about development


Welcome about Both of case refactor timer feature and question about Progress of development. I hope to help your project.

You can ask using Issue or Comment in closed Pull requests



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