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pytorch implemention of trajGRU.
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This repo has implemented a pytorch-based encoder-forecaster model with RNNs including (TrajGRU, ConvLSTM) to do precipitation nowcasting. For more information about TrajGRU, please refer to HKO-7.

If you are interested in my implementation of ConvLSTM and TrajGRU, please see ConvLSTM and TrajGRU. It is assumed that the input shape should be . All of my implementation have been proved to be effective in HKO-7 Dataset. Hopefully it helps your research.


Firstly you should apply for HKO-7 Dataset from HKO-7, and modify somelines in to find the dataset path. Secondly and last, run python3 experiments/trajGRU_balanced_mse_mae/, and then run python3 experiments/trajGRU_frame_weighted_mse/ since I have finetuned the model on the basis of model trained in last step.


Python 3.6+, PyTorch 1.0 and Ubuntu or macOS.



The performance on HKO-7 dataset is below.

CSI HSS Balanced MSE Balanced MAE
0.5496 0.4772 0.3774 0.2863 0.1794 0.6713 0.6150 0.5226 0.4253 0.2919 5860.97 15062.46


Dropbox Pretrained Model


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  author={Xingjian, SHI and Chen, Zhourong and Wang, Hao and Yeung, Dit-Yan and Wong, Wai-Kin and Woo, Wang-chun},
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