AWS Instance Types for Starcluster

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Instance type Architecture
t1.micro i386 x86_64
t2.micro i386 x86_64
t2.small i386 x86_64
t2.medium i386 x86_64
m1.small i386 x86_64
m1.medium i386 x86_64
m1.large x86_64
m1.xlarge x86_64
c1.medium i386 x86_64
c1.xlarge x86_64
m2.xlarge x86_64
m2.2xlarge x86_64
m2.4xlarge x86_64
m3.medium x86_64
m3.large x86_64
m3.xlarge x86_64
m3.2xlarge x86_64
m4.10xlarge x86_64
r3.large x86_64
r3.xlarge x86_64
r3.2xlarge x86_64
r3.4xlarge x86_64
r3.8xlarge x86_64
cc1.4xlarge x86_64
cc2.8xlarge x86_64
cg1.4xlarge x86_64
g2.2xlarge x86_64
g2.8xlarge x86_64
cr1.8xlarge x86_64
hi1.4xlarge x86_64
hs1.8xlarge x86_64
c3.large x86_64
c3.xlarge x86_64
c3.2xlarge x86_64
c3.4xlarge x86_64
c3.8xlarge x86_64
c4.large x86_64
c4.xlarge x86_64
c4.2xlarge x86_64
c4.4xlarge x86_64
c4.8xlarge x86_64
i2.xlarge x86_64
i2.2xlarge x86_64
i2.4xlarge x86_64
i2.8xlarge x86_64
d2.xlarge x86_64
d2.2xlarge x86_64
d2.4xlarge x86_64
d2.8xlarge X86_64
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