Course Scipion in the cloud: practical advance aspects

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Working with EBS

In this practical work we will perform the typical operations with EBS volumes

Create an EBS volume:

  • Login to AWS console with your user (i2pc-course-x)
  • Go to EC2 services
  • Select Volumes on the left side menu
  • Check the availability zone of your instance
  • Select 'Add tags' and add a tag called Name equal to 'i2pc-volume-x' (replace x by your user number)
  • Click on 'Create Volume'
  • Set Volume size to 1 GB and Availability Zone to the one of your instance (IMPORTANT)

AWS console - Create volume

  • Click on 'Create volume' button

Attach a volume to an instance

  • Select your volume (named i2pc-training-volume-x)
  • Click on 'Actions' and select 'Attach volume'
  • Wait till it finishes attaching (refresh)
  • Go to your 'Instances' and start your instance (i2pc-machine-x)
  • Wait till it finishes starting and login through VNC
  • Format the volume (attached to xvdf) sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xvdf
  • Create a directory where to mount it, for instance sudo mkdir /volume-2
  • Mount it sudo mount /dev/xvdf /volume-2

Detach a volume from an instance

  • First you should stop the machine
  • Click on 'Actions' and select 'Detach volume'
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