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This group of protocols is designed to perform filtering operations on particles (2D images) or 3D volumes.

bsoft - bfilter

Wrapper around the Bsoft bfilter program. Available filters:

  • median

  • peak

  • gradient (3x3x3)

  • laplacian (3x3x3)

  • denoise

spider - filter particles

Applies Fourier filters to an image(s) using the Spider FQ or FQ NP programs. To improve boundary quality the image is padded with the average boundary value to twice the original size during filtration (this can be switched off if you select Use padding: No).

List of available filters (can be lowpass of highpass):

  • top-hat

  • Gaussian

  • Fermi

  • Butterworth

  • raised cosine

xmipp3 - filter particles and xmipp3 - filter volumes

Applies Fourier filters to a set of particles or volume(s). List of available filters and their parameters can be found here.

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