How to install drupal in sourceforge

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Some tips for Drupal installation and configuration on sourceforge

You can find the installation guide here. However, here we will provide a brief description of the installation process. This information is focused on a sourceforge installation; however, it will be the same or even simpler for any other server. Download Drupal and unzip it. Connect with sftp or, even better, connect to sourceforge with Filezilla.

  • Data for the connection:


name: Source forge user

password: No password is required

port: 22

  • Then go to /home/project-web/[project name]/htdocs/

  • Once everything is copied, go to the url with a browser, tipically [project name] and go on with the configuration process.

  • When configuring the db provide the following information:

host:mysql-[first letter of the project name]

user: it should have admin permissions

  • If you lost the login form, you can access by url: /?q=user/login

 — Main.AdrianQuintana - 2014-01-30

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