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News and Events

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  • January 7-11: Course on Scipion processing in Univ. Rutgers, New Brunnswick, NJ


  • January 15: Course on Scipion processing in Madrid

  • January 17-19: Course on Scipion processing in the Cloud in Madrid

  • January 25-26: Course on Scipion at CEITEC, Brno

  • February 7-10: Course on Scipion at Oregon Health & Science University

  • February 20-21: Course on Scipion at iNext meeting in Florence

  • February 21-22: Course on Scipion at University of Nagoya

  • March 1: Course on Scipion at CIC BioGune, Bilbao

  • June 27-29: Course on Scipion for facilities in Madrid

  • October 24-26: Course on Scipion for facilities in Necen, Leiden


  • February 2-3: Course on Scipion in Univ. of Melbourne

  • March 13-17: Course on Scipion at NECEN, Leiden

  • July 28-30: Cryo-EM facilities meeting (including Diamond, NeCEN, CEITEC, ESRF, Denmark and SciLifeLab). Discussion about Scipion as on-the-fly processing framework.

  • August 3: Presentation of Scipion at the EMBL in Heidelberg and collaboration with Carsten Sasche.

  • August 30: Practical on Scipion at Cryo-EM course organized by Sara Butcher. Helsinki.

  • September 5-7: Course on Scipion at Univ. of Delft

  • September 8-9: Practical session on Scipion at EMBO (Birbeck College), London

  • October 23-24: Scipion developers meeting at the CNB, Madrid.

  • November 12: Course on Scipion at Protein Structure Determination at Industry, Cambridge

  • November 20-21: Scipion Practical at Cryo-EM course in Copenhagen organized by Guillermo Montoya

  • December 4-7: Cryo-EM course at SciLifeLab, Stockholm



Here you can find all Newsletters we have. Even the one in progress!!

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