Newsletter 2016 August

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August 2016

Graphical interface improvements

We are always working to improve the graphical tools in order to enhance the user experience. Two new improvements are planned for the next release:

New web tools released

Last month we have released two new web tools, but the paper is not out yet…​Shhh!! The My reliability tool will assess the reliability of your images compared to your map, using "Phantom in the noise" and the "alignment reliability". The protein interaction tool will analyze the domain-domain interactions of your protein. Do not dare to check them out!

Localized Reconstruction in Scipion

During the first week of July we received the visit of Serban Ilca and Juha Huiskonen from the Oxford Particle Imaging Centre to integrate their recent Localized Reconstruction method into Scipion. Now the steps proposed into the method are smoothly integrated into the whole Scipion framework.

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