Newsletter 2016 September

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September 2016

Published results using Scipion

We are glad to see the first three publications using Scipion!

  • The Yaser Hasem group in Strasbourg reported the structure of a mammalian 48S initiation complex at 5.8 Å resolution, showing the relocation of subunits eIF3i and eIF3g to the 40S intersubunit face on the GTPase binding site, at the late stage in initiation.

  • In collaboration with Roman Koning in Leiden, the asymmetric virion structure of bacteriophage MS2 was determined and it was found that, in situ, the viral RNA genome can form a branched network of stem-loops that almost all allocate near the capsid inner surface, while predominantly binding to coat protein dimers that are located in one-half of the capsid.

  • Also from Roman Koning group the Structure of AP205 (single RNA stranded phage) Coat Protein is been reconstructed to 6.0-Å.

New protocols integrated

  • At the end of July, we received the visit of Hans Elmlund, the main developer of Simple. We have created a set of protocols for most of the Simple2.0 programs. We are doing more testing and plan to release them in the next Scipion version.

  • Two new protocols were added: MotionCor2 for movie processing on multi-GPU (from D. Agard lab), estimation/correction of magnification distortion (from N. Grigorieff’s lab). They are available in devel version of Scipion. See the details here

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