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Development notes (or features to come in the future!)

October/November/December 2016

Processing in Streaming

We have added a "streaming" option to some of the protocols, mainly those usually executed right after image acquisition (import movies, movie alignment methods and ctf). The main idea behind this is to get feedback about the image acquisition quality as soon as possible, even while microscope is still generating movies. Since this is an extensive topic, we will write a more detailed page soon. We have called this Scipion box!.

Scipion box running at Diamond synchrotron

Scipion Web Tools: NGL volume renderer

We have improved out volume visualization on the web. Thank you to NGL viewer javascript component, we could easily display "volume files" in the browser, improving the loading time threshold edition. Actually, you change now the sigma value and not the threshold anymore. And this is already deployed at our server

New protocols:

xmipp3 - movie gain - Estimates the gain image of a camera, directly analyzing one of its movies.

More papers citing Scipion

Zoom is coming!

Yes, we know that zooming the project graph was necessary for medium large projects. We’ve been working on it.

project zoomed screenshot
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