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Scipion demo for the course of International School of Crystallography

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Here you can find the instructions to set up your machine to be able to follow the Scipion tutorial session.

There will be two options to follow up the tutorial session:

  1. To set up your own Scipion machine using VirtualBox: A VirtualBox virtual appliance, that you could easily launch from your own computer using Oracle VirtualBox application, is ready to be downloaded from here. Then follow the next steps:

1.1. Create a new Virtual Machine (Type Linux and Version Ubuntu).

1.2. Assign at least 4 GB memory.

1.3. Choose as existing hard disk the virtual appliance downloaded (vdi).

1.4. Create.

1.5. Start it and login with user scipion and password scipionICS. By default the virtual machine screen is quite small, to resize it open a terminal and type xrandr -q and choose the resolution that fits better your laptop screen and then set it up with xrandr -s wxh (e.g. 1280x1024).

You can open Scipion by clicking on the desktop shortcut. There are two demo projects to follow the session. Processing might be slow though since number of cores and RAM are virtualized and not very high.

  1. To use a virtual machine on Amazon cloud (AWS): A number of AWS instances will be ready during the session to be used by the students. Connections details will be given at that time, and the only required software will be a web browser and a reasonable internet connection.
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