Scipion on the cloud

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ScipionCloud development has been possible thanks to European Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme, which has financed the following projects:


“A Competence Center to Serve Translational Research from Molecule to Brain”.

We are involved on Task 2: Cryo-EM in the cloud: bringing clouds to the data.


"Bring the world of complex data analysis in Structural Biology to a simple Web browser-based Virtual Research Environment".

The group is responsible for the Integration of existing Cryo-EM web services, Scipion Web Tools, on the VRE.

Scipion has been chosen as the main use case to design Westlife architecture as described here.

Instruct Research and Development pilot project

Pilot EM cloud Computing was a project to deploy and test Scipion software on AWS EC2 platform and create a public Scipion AMI that could be used by EM users to easily instantiate its own Scipion Virtual Machine on the AWS cloud.

The aim was to have a standalone Scipion AMI that could be used as a stand-alone or as a elastic cluster.

Helpdesk and tech support

If you need assistance using ScipionCloud, or want to report a bug, do not hesitate to contact the Cloud Support team:

Laura del Caño (

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