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eman2 - sparx gaussian picker

This protocol provides a wrapper around Gaussian based automatic particle picker implemented through SPARX [1] (but shared with EMAN2 [2]). While it is possible to use this picker through eman2 - boxer protocol by selecting Gauss mode in main e2boxer window, a separate protocol for this picker was created in Scipion. This protocol does not provide a GUI interface for the picker, however there are wizards available for all parameters, that will launch the picker so you could see the results almost immediately. The key parameters for the picker are threshold range, Gaussian width and box size.

The algorithm behind the program and other documentation can be found here.

Figure 1. Protocol GUI for Sparx gaussian picker


  • [[[1]]] Hohn M et al. (2007). SPARX, a new environment for Cryo-EM image processing. JSB, 157(1): 47 – 55.

  • [[[2]]] Tang et al. (2007). EMAN2: an extensible image processing suite for electron microscopy. JSB, 157 (1): 38 - 46.

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