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Xmipp3 - Local resolution (MonoRes)

Reference: (article)

MonoRes is a fully automatic method for determining the local resolution of a 3D map. Moreover, MonoRes adds a local filtering of the original map based on the calculated local resolution.

The inputs of MonoRes are the original density map, and a mask defining the background of the macromolecule, (two half maps can also be accepted, the algorithm is essentially the same, the difference is how the noise is estimated).

The basic idea of MonoRes is a frequency sweep (from low frequency to high frequency). At each frequency we determine whether the local energy at a voxel is significantly different from the local energy expected for a noise voxel. The local resolution is defined as the inverse of the first frequency for which the voxel of the macromolecule fails to be significantly above noise.

For more information about this protocol the manuscript can be consulted in this link (article

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