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Scipion Workflow Repository Help Page

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Welcome to the Scipion Workflow Repository Help Page. In this page we are going to show you how to use the Workflow Repository. The repository is a great place to share and store your workflows and search for workflows uploaded by other Scipion users. Scipion team stores here most of the workflows used for testing and courses, this workflows are good templates for starting news projects. Scipion Workflow Repository is available at URL:

On this page:

Search and Download Workflows

You may start the search GUI from Scipion (select project from the menu and then search workflow) or connect directly to the search URL at By default you will see a list with all available workflows. If you choose a category only those workflows assigned to that category will be shown. At the top of the page you are offered two search options: search by workflow name or search by keyword in workflow description (or keyword section).

If you download one workflow a file will be saved in your computer. This file need to by imported in Scipion (select project from the menu and then import workflow)

Upload Workflows

As in the previous case workflows may be uploaded from Scipion or manually connecting to If you want to use Scipion select the protocols (click on them while holding the CTRL-key) and then right click and choose upload workflow from the pop up menu. At this point a browser will be opened, fill the form (all fields are compulsory) and press the create button. Thanks for share your workflows ;-).

Delete Workflows

It is possible to delete and uploaded workflow from the same browser used to upload it. Just search for the workflow, go to the detail page and a Delete button should be available.

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