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#cppAutoSolve A header-only, templated C++ library which allows the automatic solving of function-parameter systems.
This enables you to define and solve any system of equations, linear or not.

##version 0.12.1

##solve any system Define your functions and pass them to the FunctionNode constructor, or directly use lambda expressions:

//using a callback function
double f1(std::map<std::string, ParameterNode<double>*> &inputs) {
    return inputs["x"]->get() * inputs["y"]->get();
FunctionNode<double> fn1(f1);

//directly using a lambda expression
FunctionNode<double> fn2([](std::map<std::string, ParameterNode<double>*> &inputs) {
    return 18.0 * inputs["y"]->get();

Then define your parameters by creating ParameterNodes with the name as identifier:

    x("x"), y("y"), z("z"), a("a");

Set values for known parameters:

y = 7.5;
std::string parseable("y = 7.5") //call controller.parse_text(parseable) later

Create the AutoSolveController:

AutoSolveController<double> controller;

Add all the ParameterNodes and FunctionNodes to your equation system by adding to the controller:

controller.add(&fn1, &fn2, &fn3 ,
               &x, &y, &z);

Connect functions with their input and output parameters.
e = f1(x,y,z)
e is output of f1
x,y andz inputs of f1

e = f1(&x, &y, &z);
controller.connect_inputs(&f1, &x, &y, &z);
controller.connect_output(&f1, &e);

Once all connections are defined, you can start solving the system:


If all parameters could be calculated, solve() will be true, otherwise false.
You can access the values with ParameterNode.get()
Or receive them as string via AutoSolveController.results_text()

It is also possible to create dotfiles for e.g. graphviz by using


##building the examples / tests make

##including directly include cppAutoSolve.h which includes all required headers or choose the header files you want to use

#contribute feel free to open issues if you'd like to have new algorithms added, would like to have a new feature or found a bug

#license LGPL V3, see LICENSE

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